Trump backers applaud Warren in heart of MAGA country

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This is a list of rallies held by the 2016 Donald Trump for his 2016 presidential campaign.During the campaign, a total of 323 rallies were held: 186 for the primary season and 137 for the general election with total people attendance of around 1.4M+ (790K+ during primary elections and.

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Trump backers applaud Warren in heart of MAGA country (“The liberal firebrand draws nods and even a few cheers on a trip through rural West Virginia.”) Buttigieg calls out Democrats for playing identity politics’ (“In a risky speech to the Human Rights Campaign, a major LGBT rights group, Buttigieg warned of a crisis of belonging in this country.'”)

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KERMIT, W. Va. – It was a startling spectacle in the heart of Trump country: At least a dozen supporters of the president – some wearing MAGA stickers – nodding their heads, at times even clapping, for liberal firebrand Elizabeth Warren.

As part of the policy rollout, Warren campaigned in West Virginia, the heart of both the opioid crisis and “Trump Country,” to make the point. in the June 2019 issue of this magazine.) But the aim.

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I gave him money – believe it or not, because I wasn’t a huge fan, then or now, but I raised money for him,’ Trump told author and Politico Magazine writer Tim Alberta. ‘And then he just gave up on an.