Maxing out a 401(k) is surprisingly rare — but may be easier than you think

Surprisingly, not many people take advantage of them. Only 41% of people contribute to a 401(k) when they have the option to do so. A 401(k) allows annual contributions up to $19,000.

You should probably at least do this assuming you don’t have better options with the 401k (which would be rare). From there, decide whether you want to absorb the tax hit now or in retirement in deciding whether to roll the traditional IRA to a Roth.

The 401 (k) contribution limits are surprisingly generous. Thus, we need to save. Tax-advantaged retirement accounts such as 401 (k)s can help, but first you need to know what the 401 (k) contribution limits are, and whether you should aim to max them out.

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My husband maxed out his 401k at 18k bring in our combined income to 72k after maxing out the 401k. We then wanted to max out our traditional IRA at 5500 each. We were told by our cpa that I could (because I didn’t have a 401k), but he could not contribute to his IRA because he maxed out his 401k at 18k.

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Maxing out a 401(k) at any age will help in retirement, but especially the sooner one starts. The same is true of simply beginning to save any bit for retirement. The same is true of simply beginning to save any bit for retirement.